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The Equipter RB4000 Roofers Buggy


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The RB4000  Equipter Roofers Buggy is like a self-propelled dump truck bed that uses a gasoline powered hydraulic system. The buggy has large tires with exceptional traction, a tight turning radius to reach difficult spots and the collection container can be raised to a height of 12 feet. The top/lid is two hinged doors that also act as side shoots. When open, the lids catch the roofing debris as the debris is pushed off the roof so it can slide into the container. The roofers buggy is towed behind a truck to and from the job site via a standard 2.5/16┬áinch hitch ball. The operator can stand on the buggy and drive it to where it's needed on the job site. More Info.


The Roofers Buggy for Roofing Projects:

The roofers buggy is rapidly becoming a must-have for many roofing companies because of the time it saves when stripping a roof. The roofers buggy makes removing the old roof and getting it ready to be hauled away a quick one-step process. No more pushing the old roofing materials onto tarps on the ground then needing to pick up the debris just to throw it into a container anyway. Home owners love the fact that there is no debris stuck in their bushes, or in the mulch and yard.


Roofers Buggy Equipter Rentals


The Roofers Buggy for General Construction Projects:

The roofers buggy is also a versatile tool used by contracts for all types of general construction projects. The size of the the roofers buggy enables contractors to haul stones, mulch or anything that needs hauled into tight areas that are not accessible by dump trucks. The roofers buggy can be raised to a 2nd story windows to collect debris for remodeling and cleanout jobs.


Roofers Buggy Rentals

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